Eurodita The Leader in Serving Smart Dealers

In a highly competitive market, Eurodita Log Structures stands out as a number 1 choice for smart retailers and dealers who want to underline their materials production. Emphasizing the importance of quality sourcing and product delivery, Eurodita Log Structures has accommodated retail partners across Europe and the entire world. This isn’t by happenstance – Eurodita Log Structures has had several years of customer service by stressing the importance of customer service and quality products. Eurodita Log Structures exemplifies characteristics of an exemplary business-to-business partner:

Our legacy is based on effective sales and positive historical behavior.

 As a business-to-business partner, you aim to grow the company, making sure that you reach goals by creating a business plan for your sales department. We understand that business to business marketing can be potentially volatile, but our intelligent sales strategy removes factors that may make partnering with other companies so risky. We have a track record of excellent low-cost products with a very high margin potential, underlining profits and revenues.

Our products will enhance your marketing strategy. 

We will work with your sales and marketing departments to ensure that you reach your financial goals for this fiscal year. We understand that innovative companies want accountability and integrated tactics to simplify complicated processes. We have impeccable client service from beginning to start. By contacting us, we will accommodate inquiries to our logging structures, as well as post-delivery assistance.

We focus on creating customer impact. 

We make an impact by being relevant to the improvement of your performance. Successful partnerships between companies is a relationship that shifts from a relationship that focuses on smart price structuring and advice. We simplify this information-based relationship by being tremendously knowledgeable of our product, transferring that expertise to you. We research our customers and our industry, understanding that B2B companies want service and a quick turnaround. There are three main reasons why our clients keep coming back to us:

  • Confidence. Through extensive research and development, our confidence reflects a belief of our company. We are a company that can be trusted and will always keep our promise.
  • Integrity. We treat all of our customers fair, answering any inquiries with accuracy. Eurodita Log Structures welcomes small, midsized, and larger corporations. We will treat you fairly and will always be counted on to stand behind our products and resolve any issues that you may have.
  • Pride and passion. The pride and passion we have for our products reflects similar sentiments that our partners have with our products. In many markets, our commodities are irreplaceable and represents a viable fit for your needs.

Standard range cabins

Bespoke log cabins

Log houses

Camping pods

ten sound reasons why dealers love doing busness with us


sizable profit

100 % of our dealers earn a profit of a minimum of 20 % during the first year of co-operation with Eurodita.

What these smart dealers do is source a premium product for a low price and add a sizable mar-gin on top of it. And their end-customers are never disapointed.


Prime quality

100 % of our dealers report to be happy with the quality of our log structures.

Only the finest Nordic timber, certified by the FSC, is used in production. And all production processes are fully compute- rized to avoid human errors.


piece of mind

99 % of our dealers are sleeping better after having teamed up with Eurodita.
Their orders are never late. And they no longer have to hear their end-customers complaining about missing or defective parts.


herculean assortment

96 % of our dealers are satisfied with Eurodita’s impressive product range.

We offer more than 600 unique standard products. Smart dealers can also order custom designed products. For this type of orders, we offer full pre-production drawings.


lightning fast delivery

95 % of our dealers have never experienced a delay on their orders from Eurodita.

In a tough market of delivery services, we always find a way. You will have the products at your warehouse in one to four weeks depending on order size and specifics.


private label

100 % of our dealers love our private label program.

We sell our log structures “unbranded”. You sell it under your own label which gives you great margin possibilities.


exclusive dealership

Two thirds of our dealers are interested in our exclusive dealership program.

This is an arrangement whereby you receive our products for private label on the understanding that no other dealer will sell our product in your area.


genuine attention

100 % of our dealers are delighted to receive our regular visits to their facilities.
This way we can always keep tabs on the changing needs of your end-customers, and improve our product range accordingly.


global reputation

97 % of our dealers enjoy sourcing their products from a reputed manufacturer like Eurodita.

Founded in 1994, the Lithuania-based company has developed into a global organization with branches in over 50 countries.


top-notch b2b service

97 % of our dealers are pleased with our client services. From inquiry to post-delivery assistance, you can count on us 24/7.


BBQ huts, BBQ Saunas

Glulam Log houses

Play houses

Garden furniture

That emotional connection is what you will get by teaming up with Eurodita Log Structures. We are reliable and a responsible manufacturer that has access to a rich variety of timber and log structures.

We Will Help You Grow by Serving Your Needs. 

Founded in 1994 in Lithuania, Eurodita Log Structures has an unparalleled dedication to the interests of our clients. We will not only meet your expectations, but we are confident that will surpass them. By being the leader in serving smart dealers, we will offer you:

  • Product variety. Product different orientation provides several options that will cater to your particular niche or theme. We have one of the richest assortments of timber and logging products, with over 600 unique products that are available to our business-to-business partners.
  • The best quality control. We understand that our quality control translates to the quality control that you have with your customers. All of our constructions are made out of Nordic timber, with logging structures being created by the best craftsmanship in the industry. Every smart dealer wants to make sure that their product does what it’s supposed to do. As a business, there are so many aspects of your company that you need to control – the quality of the products given by your business-to-business partner should not be an aspect of your business plan that requires constant monitoring. We follow extremely careful procedures to ensure that the end customer never ends up with a defective product.

Custom design is the norm. 

Eurodita Log Structures understand that different companies require different items and ideas from us. Log housesBBQ huts. Even though we have standard products, we are willing to collaborate and work with our business-to-business partners to ensure that they get a product that they need by offering custom logging and timber designs.

The Success of Business-To-Business Collaboration

We understand that you have a reputation to uphold – and so does Eurodita Log Structures. We recognize that there are unique challenges when it comes to a jointly-owned reputation, as this tends to be an aspect of business-to-business marketing that tends to be overlooked.Camping pods. By giving proper considerations, we improve the relationship that we have with our partnerships, subsequently boosting your success with the end customer.

Business-to-business partnerships are subject to significant investments – financially, professionally, and emotionally speaking. This underlines the importance of potential value. Eurodita Log Structures doesn’t just want to see you succeed, but we want to collaborate and be seen as pioneers in your niche. Successful partnerships that last, focuses on close collaboration and complementarity outlooks. Business-to-business companies that partner with us create a substantial advantage over their competitors. Our reputation reinforces your influence, giving you a sense of identity and authority that can help you soar above your competitors.

What makes partnering with Eurodita Log Structures so successful? 

In just over two decades, the log cabin industry has developed into a global business model. Eurodita Log Structures is seen as pioneers in this globalization, with branches in over 50 countries. We have had comprehensive, successful relationships with many businesses across the world, with our strongest network located in the Netherlands, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. The influence of Eurodita Log Structures is quickly spreading across New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, Norway, and Sweden.

We understand that when building business-to-business partnerships, it is important that there is strong evidence that we are successful, high profile partners meeting and succeeding certain quality benchmarks.

Smart Dealers Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep.

That’s Why They Get All Their Log Structures From Eurodita